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Advanced Mathematical Logic Track

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

If these are such valuable courses, why don't high schools offer them?
High schools have it rough. Their resources are limited and their responsibilities are significant. Like most university-level courses, it is unrealistic to ask high schools to even consider putting resources towards preparing and teaching such a sequence of classes. To offer high school students true university-level courses in abstract mathematical logic, one needs advanced mathematical study, extensive training in teaching the subject matter to young adults, and a curriculum that has been tested and refined over many years.
What classes must my child have taken to be ready for Advanced Mathematical Logic?
Being ready for Introduction to Logic I, the first course in the track, has little to do with what specific courses your child has taken, but has everything to do with your child's aptitude for mathematical thinking and reading comprehension. Other than a student being at least middle or high school age and passing the IMACS Aptitude Test, there are no specific age restrictions or prerequisites for eIMACS courses.
How do I know if my child is ready for the course? How do we prove to IMACS that my child is ready?
IMACS has a free, online aptitude test that your child can take. To be accepted into the course, a student must pass the aptitude test. You can register online for the aptitude test. It is free and there is no commitment or obligation. After your child completes the aptitude test, IMACS will contact you with the results.
This is an online course. How does my child get help?
Each student is assigned a principal IMACS instructor, who monitors the student's progress, and is available for questions. Students may contact the instructor through the IMACS Message Center, by phone, or by email. In addition, the principal instructor (as well as other IMACS instructors and the members of IMACS Technical Support) are available via the IMACS Online Help Desk, which is monitored seven days a week, including evenings.
Is everything online?
Yes, it's all done online. There is nothing else to buy, no software to install, and nothing to send by postal mail. Your child will submit assignments and tests online, using sophisticated interactions -- it's not simply a bunch of multiple choice questions! Scores for assignments and tests are shown on the student's online gradebook so that you and your child can monitor progress.
How long does it take to finish each course?
When a student is enrolled in one of the courses, the account is active (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, of course!) for a period of 40 weeks. This period can start whenever you wish. Of course, the actual time that it takes to finish depends upon the amount of time that a student puts into the course (and, naturally, the student's abilities). Some students like to do the course during the school year (when they are in "study mode") while others prefer to do it in the summer (when they can put more hours per week into the course and finish it in a shorter span of time).
What if my child doesn't complete the course within the 40-week enrollment?
Thirty-day extensions may be purchased at $150 each. It has been IMACS' experience that students benefit most when courses are completed within a year. Parents and students should do their best to keep extensions to a minimum if possible.
Can an enrollment be suspended if a student needs to take time away from a course?
Yes, IMACS allows one suspension of up to six months in duration during an enrollment period. Requests for suspensions must be made in advance by email and must include both the start and end dates of the hiatus. The expiration date of the enrollment will be extended by the length of the suspension.
How much does each course cost?
The tuition for each course is $985.
What is your refund policy?
If a student withdraws from a course within seven calendar days of enrolling, IMACS will refund all but $100 of the tuition paid. Requests for refunds must be made by email. No refunds will be given after seven days.
If I'm interested, what is the next step?
You can either register your child for the aptitude test, or, if you would like to discuss the course with us first, you can contact IMACS toll-free at 1.866.634.6227 or by email at