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AP® Computer Science

AP Audit Information

The IMACS online course AP® Computer Science: Java Programming has been audited by the College Board and authorized as an online course meeting or exceeding the expectations colleges and universities have for the AP® Computer Science A exam.

This edition, which includes eight labs that exceed the College Board's Lab Requirement, is available for teacher review — call or email IMACS at the numbers given below to obtain login information.

Since IMACS is an authorized online provider, when you license this course you are automatically authorized by the College Board to use the "AP" designation in describing or listing the course, and are further authorized to use the "AP" designation on your students' transcripts in association with this course.

As a teacher in a brick-and-mortar school, you need to submit an audit, but the process is greatly simplified for the 2019-2020 school year.

  • Naviagte to and then click "Sign In" to add AP Course Audit to your EPL account. (If you don't have an EPL account, on the "Welcome Back" screen, click "Sign Up", create your EPL account, and then sign in to AP Course Audit.)
  • Under "Add Additional Tools and Services", next to "AP Course Audit", click "Get Access".
  • On the new page, under "Provide your access information", choose "Teacher" from the drop-down, enter your professional organization, and click "Add".
  • Confirm that your profile page is on the current academic year by examining the upper-right corner of the "Teacher — Course Status" page. Then, on this page, click the yellow "+ Add Course" button. Follow the prompts.
  • Once you've added the course, click "Complete Course Audit Form" in the newly created course. On the new page, read through and affirm the attestations, initial the form, and click "Submit for Administrator Approval".
  • On the Courses page, if the course now has the "Submit Course Document" link, click it, and on the following page, click "Download" and then "Submit" the Unit Guide.
  • On the Courses page, if the course now has a "Submit Syllabus" link, click it. Four options should appear. Choose "Adpot a Sample Syllabus". (For academic years past 2020, this option might not be available.)
  • On the new page, pick the Unit Guide for AP Computer Science A. Click on "Download", and then "Submit" it.


If you have questions concerning the registration procedure, please contact IMACS toll-free at 1.866.634.6227 or by email at